You need to read this now - and act on it immediately
Fascist Western oligarchs restrict funds leaving their Unholy Davos Empire
Here are a few pithy thoughts which were sparked this morning, by a remarkably refreshing and lucid discussion, between legendary investor and…
Anti-authoritarianism as praxis and lived philosophy
And a message to the Third World: Don't imitate the "developed" nations! They're a slow motion, fascist train wreck!
Anybody can express an opinion on politics. But Jordan Peterson clearly demonstrates an utter lack of knowledge, understanding or study of politics…
* What the Western mainstream media will not tell you - And, more deeply yet, a radical grounding for the foundations of all present and future…
Neoliberal elites & Corporate-State Media Continue Their Slander, Slurs & Propaganda Campaign - But The Tide Has Turned
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